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Benefits of Fulvic Acids

Extracto Orgánico para Plantas en México - Acido fulvico efectos - Acido fulvico beneficios

Proper nutrition means healthy plants. As a farmer or fertilizer producer, you should be looking for an effective product that will help you increase the productivity of crops.

Naturally, crops grow according to multiple factors in the composition of the soil where the seed is grown. That is why it is important to provide proper nutrition to the soil. 

How does fulvic acid works? 

Our fulvic acid is considered an organic soil conditioner, soluble in all pH range, with acidifying capacities. When mixed with any fertilizer, the fulvic acid increases the absorption and translocation of nutrients to the plants, forming an organo-mineral compound, which results in greater development and production of the crops. 

Our fulvic acid has direct and indirect effects on the metabolism of plants, which is an effective way to increase the strength of plants and their proper development as well as more efficiently resist diseases.  

Increase nutrient availability with Fulvic Acid

Being a natural complexing compound, which streamlines nutrient uptake into the plant capacity, as well as providing natural resistance to environmental stress. 

Fulvic acid being 100% soluble It is also recommended in foliar applications, which facilitates all nutrients to be better absorbed by the leaves of plants. It stimulates the metabolism of plants in an effective way, helping to more efficiently fulfill its life cycle. 

Benefits of Fulvic Acid 

If you are still wondering about the benefits of using Fitochem’s fulvic acid, take a look to its following characteristics: 

  • Ability to work along with different minerals in the ground.

In a soluble state, fulvic acid can make the perfect combination with other minerals in the ground to form organo-mineral complexes that can easily be absorbed by the roots of the plants. 

  • Molecular size

Fulvic acid is a very small and low molecular weight molecule which facilitates the penetration into the cells of plants, restoring the natural balance and correcting deficiencies. When the fulvic acid is added to a nutrient solution, the plant's resistance to stress increases and its natural immunity increases. 

  • Help plants cope with frost and drought better

Fulvic acid helps plants to better withstand periods of stress, as they better assimilate nutrients and give them greater strength. By mixing the nutrients with our fulvic acids their performance will be increased, making the development and growth of the plants more efficient, which translates into an increase in the quality of the crops produced.

  • One of the most important biological functions of our product is to increase the reproduction of beneficial microorganisms in the soil.

Our fulvic acid is an active soil improver, since it favors structural characteristics, ion exchange and improvement in microbiological reproduction. All together, these characteristics increase soil fertility.

Fitochem introduces products orgánicos with the highest quality, supported by scientific studies We are the solution in nutrition, with products that will help stabilize soil chemistry, increase the availability of nutrients and build a soil structure favorable to your crops. 

Try today the benefits of fulvic acid in your crops! 

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