Fulvi 300 - Fitochem

The ideal complement for fertilization to the soil and foliar

Fulvi 300 is a liquid product, organic and 100% soluble made by fulvic acids, ideal to complement soil or foliar fertilization with water-soluble and liquid fertilizers, improving their fertility.

Fulvic Acids are a molecule of plant origin.

Fulvic acids are the most active part of the humus, 100% soluble in all ranges of pH media. This characteristic allows them to benefit the soil, as well as fertilization, metabolism and plant productivity. Using organic fertilization for crops is an effective way to improve plant strength and increased yield. With the growing trend of healthier eating, the demand for vegetable organic nutrition in Mexico and internationally has been growing! It's beneficial for better living of humans, animals, and the environment.

Benefits on water-soluble and liquid fertilizers

  • It is compatible with all water-soluble and liquid fertilizers
  • Increases the agronomic efficiency via formation of organo-mineral compounds
  • This fulvic acid for plants is soluble in all ranges of pH media
  • It has a synergic effect with all water-soluble and liquid fertilizers
  • It does not replace them, it complements them
  • Higher biological response due to complete product impregnation
  • Streamlined nutrition

Benefits on the soil and inside plants

  • It improves soil porosity, facilitating air circulation and water in the radicular zone of plants.
  • Increases microorganism reproduction and soil organic matter
  • Solubilizes mineral elements in the soil
  • Because of its "carry" effect and the decrease in permeability of the cellular membrane, helps in absorption and translocation of nutrients
  • Fulvic acids have a positive influence in the production and synthesis of nucleic acids, which in turn regulate metabolism
  • Fulvic acids act as catalysts, speeding up plant growth and production
  • Helps plants in stress periods
  • Contribute in the gradual reduction of soil alkalinity.

Technical data of Fulvi 300

Composition:  Fulvi 300 is a liquid formulation with 316.4 grams of fulvic acids per liter of formulated product
Recommendations for use: Fulvi 300 can be applied with all fertigation and foliar application equipment available in the market. Fulvi 300 must be applied in the tank mix with water-soluble fertilizers for all fertigation and foliar application equipment.
-- On the soil:  15-20 Lt / Ha / cycle in fertigation or drench in tank mix with water-soluble fertilizers. The dose range depends on soil fertility It is advisable to divide the dose in as many applications as the fertilization program has.
- On Foliage: 500 ml. per hectare per application. Make as many applications as applications and intervals have your fertilizer and / or pesticide program has. It can be mixed with all commonly used products in the tank mix.
The best results of Fulvi 300 have been observed with the complementary soil / foliage application.
It can be mixed with all the products commonly used in the tank mix. 
Note: Always make a small compatibility test.