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We are the solution in nutrition

Fitochem started activities in 2006, born by the association of the Chemical Engineer Victor Manuel Urbina Bolland and the Biologist Juan Carlos Flores

The Engineer Victor Manuel Urbina Bolland, Mexican National Chemistry Prize 2004 and founding partner of Fitochem SA de CV, started his activities in 1968 as a pioneer in the manufacture of foliar fertilizers in Latin America. During his professional career he developed successful relationships with the main internationally renowned companies in our country, with the development and manufacture of fertilizer products. Examples of such companies are Bayer of Mexico, (Bayer Central and South-America, Spain, Turkey and Thailand); Rhone Poulenc, Chemistry HOECHST and BASF Mexicana, among others.

The engineer Urbina is the pioneer in the development of fulvic acids In Mexico. He dedicated the rest of his life to develop new formulations with fulvic acids, achieving advantages in concentration, composition and soil fertility.

The Biologist Juan Carlos Flores has been involved during 19 years to the commercialization of foliar fertilizers both in Mexico and abroad. In Fitochem he participated together with the Engineer Urbina in the development of special formulations of fulvic acids in order for them to be mixed with the different types of fertilizers (granules, water-soluble and liquid). He also participates in the agronomic tests of biological effectiveness of fulvic acids in vegetables, fruit trees and grains in general..

Nowadays, Fitochem is a specialist in the production and commercialization of organic products, with the highest quality and friendly with the environment, always the scope of helping vegetable and animal nutrition .


To responsibly supply organic products for nutrition, supported by scientific studies in order to benefit the agricultural industry.


To be a reference in vegetable and animal nutrition